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  • Polish National Museum

    Polish National Museum

    Application have build in interactive guide, which is activated with scanning a painting. User can also take a quiz, and create a list of favourites paintings.

  • Customise Mobile

    Before You Go

    Everyone is familiar with the struggle of buying travel insurance. You have to waste plenty of time on calling the agency, arrange a meeting and finally meet up with your agent. What if you could skip all that and just download our app?

    Believe it or not, it actually can be this simple. The application we created is clear and easy to use. All you need to do is answer just a few simple questions and set the number of people with their personal details you want to insure. After that process all the insurance details you can find in the application. You can check there what does it include, what is you insurance agency number and so on, but moreover you can send an automatic text message that contains your geographical location. With this app you are more than safe.

  • Carie


    Our app is an easy way get in touch with a doctor without any configuration. There is a possibility to do that through a real-time video call as well as through chat. In Carie we have made some challenging animations. We also managed to keep a nice app flow for the user and across the board the application is just pleasing to the eye.

  • Gamebook


    Theres an app for everything right?

    Now its true. We have created an application for hunters. It is a revolutionary new way to digitise your gamebook and shooting management. It has been designed by Peter Wilson MBE, who is passionate about making the sport safer, better run, as well attractive to a new generation.

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