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What is digital transformation?

Technology and digital are progressing faster than ever before. For a company to thrive, it has to adapt to change without hesitation. We will teach you how to be the change.
By going through the process of digital transformation, we will equip you with tools, which will allow you to respond to technological trends and become an increasingly competitive player in your industry.

Digital Transform

Why your company needs to transform digitally?

For companies, which are set in their ways for years, change means risk. In reality only by constantly challenging the status quo you are able to stay ahead of the competition. Thanks to digital transformation, change will not be your threat, but a tool for progress. Instead of dealing with growing problems, you will learn to prevent them. We will show you how to work out effective solutions to current challenges by introducing lean processes and shortening your learning cycles.

What are the benefits of DT?

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  • Company becomes Agile, ready for fast-changing ways he operates. This is crucial for Digital Age

    • The environment of innovation is created in the company, with the ongoing process of looking for doing things better. There is nothing wrong with failing, it’s better than not trying anything

      • Company becomes proactive, instead of reactive

        • Solutions are created in terms of days not months. Mostly thanks to Design Thinking metodology, fast rapid prototyping and shorter validation

          • We build team-wide and company-wide processes that can help you run your company smoothly. Way of operating becomes repetitable, which improves quality

            • Process closed in one siloes are removed. Siloes are starting working together

              How does the process look like and what are the benefits?

              The process is divided into 3 stages.

              How does the process look like and what are the benefits?

              The process is divided into 3 stages.

              Current state

              We start with gathering insights by analysis and diagnosis of the current state of the company, it’s state, business health and we work on a maturity assessment of your digital and/or business landscape. We work collaboratively with our partners, to make sure that our assessment is based on real life data and not just high level assumptions. This will include: stakeholder interviews, UX and consumer mapping and experience, persona creation, business channels identification, digital trend mapping, platform and tech stack assessment, benchmarking against your industry and against wider trends in the digital ecosystem. We add more tools and processes to the current state based on what is the focus of your business. All those tools will allow us to co-create a digital maturity assessment showcasing how advanced your company is, and what bottlenecks we can address when collaborating on the future state of your business.

              Future state

              In future state definition, we will co-create the digital vision for your company. We will look at the trends and benchmarks in our analysis to ideate a new digital future for your company. In this phase, we will align on the vision, strategy, enablers , and new organizational structure.

              The benefit for you will be a well-defined way forward for the company and a digital vision which the company can align on and roll out to all of the employees. The final deliverable will be a vision deck with the relevant enablers and defined digital strategy.


              Roadmapping and rollout is the final exercise of the transformation - during this phase, we define a series of projects and initiatives which will allow the digital transformation to happen. We will co-create those initiatives with you and your other stakeholders and prioritize them and their rollout. We will use prioritization frameworks to create the most valuable way forward for your company. The benefit for you will be a detailed list of initiatives, projects, and enablers, which will optimize the way your company operates.

              We have helped many companies

              We have been helping our clients to go through the digital transformation process for last 10 years. We work with both small enterprises and large corporations. Each case is different, but the effect is to be the same: a digitally advanced company in which resources, processes and organizational structure are optimized and value realisation is maximised. Schedule a call with us and see how technology can drive your business forward.

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